Programming for kids

Programming classes for kids (6 - 10 years) - this is the right way to create the base for the future in IT. During the classes kids will also develop technical and creative skills. 

Our training program consist of 6 modules. During the program the children will determine what they want to deal further with - to code, to create websites, to build up communications, to pitch the project. 

Lesson program

The programming classes for children includes such lessons as: Scratch, Wix, HTML + CSS, Python, Scrum, Time Management, and Portfolio Presentation which are important for the development of both hard and soft skills.


It should be noted that programming for children is explained from scratch. Your child can only research what a website or application is, but still has a great desire to learn — and it is such a child who achieves the highest degree of success in the courses. We are proactive, responsible and interested students. 

Your children will receive the following knowledge when they complete the training course:


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