Yes, in the activities of the kids will receive the necessary knowledge and skills of computer control. And also in the game form the child will learn to create different models. We recommend to start training with the program "Computer science" 

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate from the Maestro School and their official partners for the relevant course. 

Fill out the application form on the website   or call:+994513002233

Address: Baku, Azerbaijan, Merkezi Bulvar street 14

At the end of the year courses will be held reporting activities, on which each child presents his ready project, as confirmation that he has successfully mastered the program and can move on to the next stage of training on this goal. The child receives a Certificate of the Maestro School Educational Center for Programming.

The child is already provided with everything necessary: ​​computer, working notebook, handout. All classes are equipped with modern equipment.

Classes are conducted in the format of training games and are practically oriented. Therefore, if the child already has an interest in the computer, it is even better. Having created something in the classroom, the child will understand that the computer is not just a toy, but also a useful tool for work. Improves their knowledge of physics, computer science, mathematics, develops algorithmic and creative thinking. 

The course should be chosen based on the age of the child and his interests.

Unique training programs developed in accordance with global trends in IT development;

Professional teachers, highly qualified specialists in the IT industry;

Preparing children to participate in local and international festivals in robotics, 3D modeling, programming;

Spacious, cozy auditoriums and modern equipment.